Need a Camera Surveillance System To Protect Your Business?

Grinnell Computers, located in Beaumont, Texas, provides high quality, high resolution Camera Surveillance Systems up to 4k for businesses locally and anywhere in the U.S. When you need to protect your property and employees ensuring Identification if an incident occurs, Grinnell makes sure your Camera Equipment can identify facial features and even license plates if needed.

Bring A Peace To Your Mind With Our Business Security Systems!

We have all seen the news reports where they play surveillance video from a robbery and you can barely make out out the face much less any features usable in identifying someone. When your business is protected with Video Cameras, you not only will be able to identify a thief, the chances of using the footage to capture and convict a robber are much much higher. Knowing Grinnell Computer’s handled the installation of your cameras with their highly qualified and experienced technician’s will give you the peace of mind you are looking for when protecting your livelihood 24/7.

camera surveillance systems beaumont, texas

High Quality Camera Surveillance Equipment

Grinnell Computers has been installing Surveillance Cameras for a long time and knows which equipment is the absolute best. Whether you need wireless or high definition over coax, we got you covered.

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Camera Surveillance Equipment


Keep Months of Clear High Resolution Recorded Videos At A Time

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